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Yeah yeah, I guess this is the place where I'm supposed to talk about my interests, well, here 'goes-- I. Like. Cels. There. No secret now. But more important is explaining the unusual name of this collection. This is the namesake of my gallery, my sweetie girl Tegga in her favorite spot, lounging at the keyboard of my antiquated pc. Yes, she regularly rolls over the keys causing my poor ole pc to do all kinds of weird things, but thats okay, she is my sweetie girl. She shares her kitty domain with two other cats, Jet, her sister, and Fugly, our newest addition, [and yes, the name is correct FUGLY, use your imagination]**UPDATE** Yes, I now have a refurbished laptop Yippee! I rarely use the ole dinosaur pc anymore, except for scanning, much to Tegga's dismay..

Not to be outdone by the kitty stardom, these are my other three babies, Panzer, Ruby and Brom aka Bumbles, Bimmie and Bunky. Yes, they are three large rottweilers and they like to eat ALOT. Again, thats okay, its a good feeling to come home after a tough day at work and these 3 are nothing less than happy, wiggly and bouncy to see me, No Matter What. Okay, now back to this About Section business. I. Like. Cels. There. No secret now.

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