Hey there, after over 15 years of collecting this gallery has gone from obsessively large to thinned down to built up again to all but cleaned out and well, yes, it has been generally a fun, amusing ride and I'm still here

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3/19/2018it has been so relaxed since I began lightly collecting again, chill attitude, no stress, no bid wars, just chill, if this becomes not fun it will stop. Apparently this hobby never completely leaves your system 'doh^^
12/13/2014 This gallery has recently passed the 80K hit mark, I must admit this baffles me to no end. Although it is heartening to know there are others out there who still appreciate this medium.
11/1/2009So I just had to comment because its a little freakish: 13K hits on Halloween

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Backgrounds 10/6/2019
Fullmetal Alchemist 10/9/2019
Fullmetal Alchemist Shamballa 1/2/2019
Ghibli - Miyazaki 5/28/2019
Heroic Legend Of Arslan 10/9/2019
Hunter X Hunter 10/6/2019
MISC - American Animation 4/25/2019
MISC - Japanese Anime 10/6/2019
Naruto 9/14/2019
Rurouni Kenshin 10/9/2019
Zoids CC/GF 6/13/2010

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